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Insurance Tips

What should I consider when choosing life insurance plan?+

You should consider: 

(1) your financial and insurance needs; and (2) your affordability.

You are recommended to select suitable insurance plan(s) and determine the sum insured based on your own financial target and insurance needs. 

I have a number of policy at present, if the unfortunate death, the beneficiary may also propose dea...+

Yes. As long as the policies are in force, your beneficiary can claim for death benefit from different insurance companies or from various policies. However, you should pay attention to the restrictions of each policy provision and policy contract.

How important are the information disclosed in Life/Medical Insurance Application Form?+

Since the policy, the copy of the application and any endorsements constitute the entire contract; the proposed policyowner must ensure all information provided in the application is absolutely correct. As policy contract is issued in consideration of the application and payment of the required premium, any misstatement or misrepresentation may affect the validity of the contract and the claims result.

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