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Personal Information Collection Statement

Luen Fung Hang Life Limited 

Personal Information Collection Statement

The information you provide to Luen Fung Hang Life Limited ("the Company") is collected to enable the Company to carry on insurance business and may be used for the purpose of: 

1. processing and evaluating your insurance application and any future insurance application you may make;

2. administering your insurance policy and providing services in relation to your insurance policy;

3. analysis or investigating, processing and paying claims made under your insurance policy;

4. invoicing and collecting premiums and outstanding amounts from you; 

5. any alterations, variations, cancellation or renewal of any insurance related product or service; 

6. contacting you for any of the above purposes; 

7. exercising any right of subrogation; 

8. other ancillary purposes which are directly related to the above purposes; and 

9. complying with applicable law, rules, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines or assisting with law enforcement purposes, investigations by policy or other government or regulatory authorities in Macau or elsewhere; including but not limited to FATCA and the IGA.

The Company may disclose your personal data for the above purposes to the following classes of transferees who may be located in Macau or outside of Macau:

1. third party agents, contractors and advisors who provide administrative, communications, computer, payment, security or other services which assist us to carry out the above purposes (including medical service providers, emergency assistance service providers, telemarketers, mailing houses, IT service providers and data processors);

2. in the event of a claim, loss adjudicators, claims investigators and medical advisors;

3. in the event of default, debt collectors and recovery agents; 

4. insurance reference bureaus or credit reference bureaus; 

5. reinsurers and reinsurance brokers; 

6. the Company's legal and professional advisors; 

7. any financial services provider「 industry association or federation」; 

8. any related company or any other company carrying on insurance or reinsurance related business or an intermediary or a claims or investigation or other service provider providing services relevant to insurance business for any of the above or related purposes; 

9. the Monetary Authority of Macao; and 

10. government agencies and authorities as required or permitted by law.

The Company is hereby authorized to obtain access to and/or to verify any of your data with the information collected by the「 industry association or federation」 from the insurance industry. Moreover, the Company may also use and disclose your personal data otherwise with your consent.

Use of Personal Data in Direct Marketing 

The Company intends to use the data subject’s data in direct marketing. The Company will comply with the provisions of the Lei da Protecção de Dados Pessoais. If you do not wish the Company to use or provide to other persons your data for use in direct marketing, you may exercise your opt-out right by notifying the Company. 

The person to whom requests for access to data and/or correction of data and/or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of data held and/or not to use data for direct marketing purpose are to be addressed to the Company at No.398 Alameda Dr. Carlos D’ Assumpção, Edifício CNAC, 4º Andar, Macau. 

In case of any inconsistency between the Chinese version and the English version of this Statement, the Chinese version shall prevail. 

March 2017

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