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Joint Provident Fund Scheme (Employer & Employee)

Set up and Enrollment

  • Joint provident fund scheme is non-mandatory. The scheme is set up voluntarily by employers and joined voluntarily by employees;

  • Macao SAR resident employees who have attained the age of 18 or those who are under the age of 18 but have already enrolled in the social security system of Macao;

  • Employees who have participated in the joint provident fund scheme can also participate in the individual provident fund scheme at the same time.


  • Calculate based on the employee’s monthly basic wage, where the contribution rate is 5% for both employer and employee;

  • The upper and lower limits of contributions are pegged to “Minimum wage for cleaning and security employees in the property management services”;

Monthly basic wage(MOP)

Contributions payable by employer

Contributions payable by employee

Lower than $7,445



$7,445 to $35,360



Higher than $35,360



  • The contributions are recorded in the contribution sub-account for investment

Vesting Percentage

  • Upon termination of a labour relationship, the employee shall have the right to obtain the employer’s contribution balance according to the contribution time and vesting percentage as shown in the table below;

  • Employer may set the calculation of contribution time and vesting percentage to be more favorable to the employees. 

Contribution time

Vesting percentage

Less than 3 years


3 years to less than 4 years


4 years to less than 5 years


5 years to less than 6 years


6 years to less than 7 years


7 years to less than 8 years


8 years to less than 9 years


9 years to less than 10 years


10 years or more


Investment Allocation of Contributions

  • The fund management entity is chosen by the employer. The employer and employee choose their own investment allocation for the respective contributions.

  • The employer may also transfer the right to invest the contributions to the employees.

  • When an employee fulfills the requirement to obtain the full amount of the employer’s contribution benefits, the employee shall have the right to invest the contributions of the employer.

Employer’s Tax Concessions

The contributions paid by the employer towards the joint provident fund scheme are considered as the operating costs or the burdens of engaging in business, which can be deducted from the taxable profits of the employer. Within the first three years of the entry into force of Law No.7/2017, contributions made by the employer shall be subject to an additional two times of the amount of contributions.

Interface between Joint Provident Fund Scheme and Private Pension Plan

Employers who have already set up a private pension plan for employees can apply for interface between joint provident fund scheme and private pension plan. An employee who has already joined the private pension plan at the time of interface can choose to participate in joint provident fund scheme or stay in private pension plan. For employees who have not participated in any private pension plan can only participate in the joint provident fund scheme.

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