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Insurance Tips

What are the differences between Dread Disease Benefit and Medical Benefit ?+

Dread Disease Benefit is a lump sum living benefit paid when the Insured has been diagnosed as suffering from dread disease as defined in the policy provisions.  There is no limitation on the use of such benefit.
Medical Benefit provides reimbursement medical expenses in the event that the Insured is confined in a hospital due to sickness or injury. The Insured has to provide the receipts and evidences from hospital for claim.

What are the differences between Annual Dividend and Cash Value?+

The Annual Dividend is the insurance company’s divisible surplus which will be determined annually and credited as dividend on Policy Anniversary. It is not guaranteed and stated in the policy. Dividend options include accumulation, cash withdrawal, premium reduction and paid-up addition.
Cash Value is stated in the policy and is guaranteed.  It can be withdrawn in the form of loan with interest.

Will the premium of Accidental Insurance increase with the Insured’s age?+

No. The premium rate of Accidental Insurance is calculated according to the occupation of the insured but not the Insured’s age.

Why should I apply Travel Insurance even if I have life insurance and accidental insurance coverage?+

The coverage of travel insurance is not exactly the same as that of life and accidental insurance.  Travel Insurance not only covers death and accident benefit during the trip, but also covers the delay of itinerary and Insured’s belongings such as cash, visa and baggage, etc. For medical benefit, travel insurance covers medical cost both at the destination and the follow-up treatment after the trip.

Is juvenile aged under 1 eligible to apply insurance plan?+

Yes. The minimum issue age of juvenile is 15th day after birth (count from the date when the application is signed).

Could I designate a non-Macau resident as beneficiary?+

Yes, as long as the beneficiary of non-Hong Kong resident provides his/her valid Passport Number or other legal proof of identity.

What is the difference between Medical Benefit and Hospital Income Benefit?+

Medical Benefit provides reimbursement medical expenses in the event that the Insured is confined in a hospital due to sickness and injury while Hospital Income Benefit provides daily cash income. There is no conflict between these 2 benefits claims.

What is “Suicide Clause”?+

According to “Suicide Clause”, if the Insured, whether sane or insane, commits suicide within one year from the latest of the Policy Date or the date of reinstatement, whichever is later, the insurance company’s liability shall be limited to the return of paid premium less any indebtedness and any benefit which has been paid under this policy.

Could I withdraw the cash value from my policy in case of financial emergency?+

Yes, you could withdraw the cash value from your policy in the form of loan with interest and return the loan at anytime while the policy is in force. The maximum amount of loan is 90% of the cash value of the policy.

Is medical examination required when applying insurance plan?+

We will determine the need for medical examination based on the Insured's age, sex, smoking habit, sum insured and health conditions, etc.

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