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Individual Provident Fund Scheme

Set up and Enrollment

  • Individual provident fund scheme is set up and participated voluntarily;

  • Macao SAR residents who attained the age of 18 or those who are under age 18 but have already enrolled in the social security system can set up an individual provident fund scheme;

  • Individuals who have participated in the joint provident fund scheme can also participate in the individual provident fund scheme at the same time.


  • The minimum amount of monthly contributions is 500 patacas; or the contribution amount can also be increased in unit of 100 patacas, with an upper limit being 3,500 patacas;

  • Participants can choose to make payments through direct debit from his/ her bank account in Bank of China, Tai Fung Bank Limited or "OCBC" MACAU, or to pay the contributions to the fund management entity in person.

  • The contributions are recorded in the contribution sub-account of the participant for investment.

Investment Allocation of Contributions

Participant to decide on the fund management entity, and choose suitable pension funds and investment allocation for his/her contributions.

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