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Join CPF Individual Provident Fund Scheme

Notes to Participants:

  1. For every MOP10,000 transferred from the government-managed sub-account or other sub-account, you can get MOP100 supermarket coupon / electronic spending award and the maximum amount of total supermarket coupons / electronic spending award per application is MOP500. Rewards are limited and only available while stocks last.
  2. Successful applicants will receive SMS alerts from Luen Fung Hang Life and/or the Social Security Fund (“FSS”).
  3. Luen Fung Hang Life will contact the successful applicants to pick up the supermarket coupon(s) / electronic spending award upon receipt of the transferred fund from the government-managed sub-account or other sub-account.
  4. Participation in the scheme must be approved by FSS and the time required is normally around 3 months.
  5. You agree to maintain the fund transferred from the government-managed sub-account or other sub-account in Luen Fung Hang Life for at least 24 months, otherwise you will be required to reimburse Luen Fung Hang Life the relevant coupons or its cash equivalent.
  6. Luen Fung Hang Life has the right to modify or cancel this promotion without prior notice, including the above award content, type, terms and conditions.
  7. All related issues and disputes will be subject to the final decision of Luen Fung Hang Life.


  1. Mandatory fields(*) must be filled in.
  2. After you have submitted the online application form, Luen Fung Hang Life will contact you shortly to confirm your visit to sign and submit relevant documents.


Please note﹕The U.S. Person Declaration *



1."CPF" - the "Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System"

2."Interfaced PPF plan" - a "Private Pension Plan" which is interfaced with "Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System"

For the details of Luen Fung Hang Life Pension Funds and corresponding risk profiles, please click here .

Investment Instruments (Luen Fung Hang Life Pension Fund) Percentage of Regular Contributions* Percentage of Transfer In Contributions*
PMVF - Conservative Fund
PMTF - Maintenance Fund
PMWF - Great Wall Fund
PMSF - Stable Fund
PMLF - Balanced Fund
PMGF - Growth Fund
PMNF- North America Index Tracker 70 Fund
PMEF - European Index Tracker 70 Fund
PMCF - China Equity Fund
Total 0% 0%



Appointment booking to Luen Fung Hang Life to complete application (Luen Fung Hang Life will contact you shortly to confirm the date and time)

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