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Mortgage Term Plan


The dream of owning an ideal home is one that many families share. Whether it is a house or apartment, so along comes with the additional financial responsibility. If anything were to happen to you, do you know how your family can cope with the monthly mortgage payment?

Our Mortgage Term Plan ensures that your mortgage is repaid for you in time of needs. In the event of death or dismemberment due to accident or illness, your family will be able to support the mortgage and can keep your home without being strained by the repayment.

You can choose the term of your policy from 5 to 30 years depending on your mortgage.

You can also determine how much cover is required by the outstanding loan amount. Should you pass away during the covered period, a cash benefit will be payable to support your family or for the mortgage repayment. This cash benefit will be reduced per annum according to the insured amount, the coverage period and applying a fixed interest rate. Sufficient protection to your home mortgage will be offered while you only have to pay the minimal premium.

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