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Pension Fund

Group Pension Fund - By Employer

1. How can I enroll a new employee into the pension fund scheme?

Simply give your new employee the “Member Enrolment Form”, who is required to complete the personal data in Section (A), the contribution details in Section (B), and the beneficiary in Section (D). The employee must read carefully the personal data collection statement in Section (E) before signing and returning the enrolment form back to you. As the employer, you are required to complete the employment information in Section (C) and send the form back to Luen Fung Hang.

To ensure efficient processing, please send in the “Member Enrolment Form” to us no less than five working days before the first contribution date of the new employee.

2. What is the procedure for contribution amount payment?

Under normal circumstances, you are kindly requested to send in the next month’s contribution information on/before the 20th of each month, including:

  1. Form Control Sheet <MPC-Control> 

  2. Contribution Information in diskette/hard-copy (if applicable)

  3. Member Enrolment Form <MPC-EE-ENROL> (if applicable)

  4. Notice of Change of Employee’s Details <MPC-ER-CHG(EE)> (if applicable)

  5. Member Transfer Notice <MPC-ER-TRANSFER> (if applicable)

  6. Notice of Termination of Employment <MPC-ER-TERM> (if applicable)

Upon receiving your contribution information, we will immediately prepare and send to you the Contribution Note and Contribution List for the upcoming month. Normally, you will be able to receive these two documents by the end of month. Please validate the information and acknowledge your approval by signing on the Contribution Note. If information is accurate, you are requested to hand in the Contribution Note together with your monthly contribution payment (by cheque or bank receipt*) to us on/before the contribution date.

* If you have elected bank transfer as your payment method, please deposit the contribution amount into our Luen Fung Hang Life Pension Fund bank account and send us the bank receipt which indicates the amount and the transaction date.

3. How to report an employment termination?

For employment transfer from one company to another company of the same group, you can use the Member Transfer Notice <MPC-ER-TRANSFER> to inform us of the employment termination. This Member Transfer Notice is applicable only when :

- both companies have enrolled the same pension fund scheme, and

- the last employment date of current employer is immediately followed by the first employment date of the new employer

The Member Transfer Notice will record the employment changes of your employee. The current employer will provide the last employment date and last contribution month, whereas the new employer will provide the first employment date, first contribution month, employee number, department code and salary amount. This notice can be sent to Luen Fung Hang Life together with your monthly contribution forms for normal processing.

For other termination cases, you can notify us by filling in the Notice of Termination of Employment <MPC-ER-TERM>. This notice, together with the claim form, can be submitted to us upon the last contribution month for the terminated employee together with your monthly contribution forms for processing.

Group Pension Fund - By Employee

1. How can I change my personal information?

Simply ask your employer for a Notice of Change of Scheme Member’s Particulars <MPC-EE-CHG(PART)>, where you can update your personal data, such as Macau ID number, passport number, residential address, contact number, facsimile number or beneficiary details. You can send the completed form back to us personally or through your employer for updating your record.

2. What should I do if I want to change my beneficiary?

First, you have to ask your employer for a Notice of Change of Scheme Member’s Particulars <MPC-EE-CHG(PART)>, where you will provide your new beneficiary details. One person is required to be witness of your change by signing on the notice. Then you can send the notice back to us personally or through your employer for further processing.

3. What are the steps for fund switching?

You may switch your investment fund choices for your future contributions or/ and re-allocate your existing investment portfolio (without incurring any fund switching administration charges) twice in each year by submitting the request online or by completing the “Change of Investment Mandate/ Fund Switching Instruction” <MPC-EE-SWITCH (UG)> and submit to us via your employer.

4. Under what conditions can an employee withdraw the accrued contribution?

The employee or his/her family members are eligible to withdraw the accrued contribution under the following circumstances:

        1. Termination of employment 

        2. Retirement or early retirement 

        3. Decease 

        4. Total incapacitated of work 

        5. Permanent departure from Macau SAR

Please contact the employer for the necessary withdrawal procedures.

5. Can I keep my accrued balance at Luen Fung Hang Life even after employment termination?

Upon cessation of employment, you can choose to preserve your vested benefits in Luen Fung Hang Pension Fund Scheme and redeem the units at any time.  Or you can continue to make contributions and enjoy free fund switchings by transferring the units to “Dolce Vita” Individual Pension Fund Scheme.  Please note that the withdrawal of benefits from “Dolce Vita” has to meet the requirements stated in Decree Law No. 6/99M.

(Please note that this policy can be changed without prior notice to scheme members)

6. What are the ways for me to check my latest account balance?

You can check your latest account information and fund price through the Account Inquiry in this website. Alternatively, you can call our service hotline at 2870 0882 or 2870 0889 during our business hours. 

7. Can I transfer my account balance to my new employer’s pension fund scheme?

If your new employer has already enrolled to a pension fund scheme, then it is possible for you to transfer your existing account balance to the new scheme. Alternatively, you can choose to keep your account balance at Luen Fung Hang Life.

8. How fast can I receive payment after withdrawal from the scheme?

Under normal circumstances, you will be able to receive your account balance within one month after your last date of employment.

“Dolce Vita” Pension Fund

1. How to join the “Dolce Vita” Individual Pension Fund Scheme?

You can fill in the application form in any of the branches or sub-branches of our agent banks.  For your convenience, enquiry hotlines 2870 0882 and 2870 0889 are also available.  Our agent banks include: Bank of China and "OCBC" MACAU.

2. Is it possible to change the fund choice?

Members can change their fund choices 8 times for free in each calendar year.  Members can simply fill in the relevant form at the agent bank or submit the application online.

3. Can I temporarily suspend the contribution after joining the scheme?

Members can choose to temporarily suspend the contribution based on their personal reasons. However, all the contributed amounts have to be kept in the member’s pension fund account until the member is entitled to receive the benefits.

4. When can the benefits be withdrawn?

Since the funds are registered under the Macau Private Pension Funds Ordinance Decree Law No.6/99/M, members can withdraw the benefits only if one or more of the following conditions are met and the relevant proof submitted:

        a) Early retirement;

        b) Old age retirement;

        c) Permanent incapacity for work; 

        d) Death; 

        e) Serious illness; 

        f) Long-term unemployment;

        g) Final departure from the territory of Macau.

5. What are the procedures for the withdrawal of the pension fund benefits?

Members can submit the Termination Form at the agent banks if he/she meets one or more of the benefits withdrawal conditions.  Within one month upon the receipt of the relevant documents, Luen Fung Hang Life will transfer the redeemed amount into the respective member’s contribution bank account.

6. How to change personal information?

Simply fill in the relative form at the agent bank.

7. Can I change the monthly contribution amount?

Contribution amount can be changed upon request.  However, each increment or reduction must be in the multiples of $100 and a minimum of $500 must be kept.  Members can apply for the change by filling in the respective form at the agent bank.

8. Will there be any effect on the contributions of this scheme during the change or termination of a job?

Since this is an individual pension fund scheme and is independent of the pension fund benefits offered by employers, there will not be any effects on this scheme should the members change or terminate the job.

9. Is it possible to check the pension funds details on the web?

Each member will be given a personal web account, which allows the members to inquire the contribution details, account information, fund prices and account balances at any time.

10. How to login the web account?

Each member will receive a note on the procedures to login the account, together with the Member Certificate, after joining the scheme if members need assistance in the login procedures, you can call our hotline at 2870 0882 or 2870 0889.

11. Are there any other ways to inquire the pension fund accounts besides the web account enquiry function?

Members can contact our enquiry hotline at 2870 0882 or 2870 0889.

12. Where can the investment return reports be found?

The quarterly fund fact sheet can be downloaded from the LFH Life website.  Members can also check the latest fund prices in their individual login accounts.

13. Is “Dolce Vita” Individual Pension Fund Scheme being protected by the law?

As the pension funds of “Dolce Vita” are registered under the Macau Private Pension Funds Ordinance Decree Law No.6/99/M, the Scheme is thus supervised by the Monetary Authority of Macau.

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